Halloween USB Drives Special 2012

Halloween USB Drives Special 2012

With Halloween, Trick-or-Treating, and Costume Parties right around the corner, we’ve composed a special list of the scariest Halloween USB Drives of 2012 for your spooky enjoyment.

In the spooky spirit of the 2012 Halloween season, we thought we’d put together a list of some of the most terrifyingly ghoulish USB Drives we could find!

Halloween, celebrated on the 31th October, is one of the most popular holidays celebrated around the world in which people decorate their houses, offices, schools, and towns. Many wear scary and clever costumes throwing elaborate Halloween themed parties for friends and family.

Buying into the colossal popularity of Halloween in the United States and abroad, a good number of businesses, brands, and large corporations use the Halloween theme for their own marketing purposes throughout October. Halloween is basically about fun, tricks, candy, costumes, and horror.

Here is some 2012 Halloween inspired spooky USB flash drives!


Bloody Chainsaw USB Drive

What’s Halloween without someone running around with a bloody chainsaw? This wonderful little horror gadget comes from the masterminds behind the popular video game franchise Resident Evil. The saw portion of the gadget is conceals the actual drive and the motor serves as its protective cap. Finished up with a dried blood splatter decoration, this terrifying Halloween USB drive originally was bundled with a special Resident Evil 5 branded Xbox 360. You’ll find one or two for sale on the Internet if you really look hard enough.

USB Teddy Bear

Usually, when it comes to making Teddy Bears, the aim is to bring a feeling of warmth and joy to its future owner. But this is just wrong. Beautifully wrong! Basically this is your general, run-of-the-mill Teddy Bear, except for one thing. Its head has to be completely removed in order to access the internal USB Drive hidden inside. Nothing like watching your children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews cry their eyes out as they watch you rip apart a teddy bear, and stuff him into a USB port.

Severed Thumb USB Drive

Now this is more of a classic than something new and original from the 2010s. But just like you have to watch John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978) on every dark, spooky Halloween night, you also have to have your severed thumb USB. You can pick this little guy up pretty much anywhere you can buy USB drives nowadays, and will run you anywhere between $20 to $40. With its life-like detail, this scary gadget would go great with a little dried blood. Add some creative crime scene evidence packaging and you have yourself a Halloween novelty item.

Scary USB Motion Sensor Skulls

These super spooky USB skulls light up the room whenever someone passes by and even makes some eerie, terrifying noises to frighten those pesky coworkers and supervisors away from your cubicle. With these little monsters, you’ll have the perfect tool in your arsenal to scare aware those annoying office workers that interrupt you at every turn! Well, not really. In fact, my boss was really curious and stopped by to ask where he could get his own.

Alien Flash Drive

With its terrible, gnashing teeth, and its diabolical slimy, insect-like body, this most memorable icon of horror movie history is now available as a collectable flash drive. Entirely sculpted from wood, the Alien Flash Drive has a USB connector that sticks out of its mouth instead of the usual unfriendly, lethal bite. Perfect for those hardcore Alien fans and horror movie buffs alike, the Alien USB is the perfect gadget for your Halloween themed office space.

Ghostbusters Ecto-1 USB Drive

I’m singing the theme song already. Fans, new and old, of the original 80s classic, Ghostbusters, will totally love adding this little gadget to their collection. Just the detail alone that went into making this miniature famous station wagon is just unbelievable. But adding a Halloween USB drive on top of that? I need this. Huge fans of the film will notice the subtle pieces that make this one of the most spot on miniature replicas I’ve seen to date.

Halloween Jack O’ Lantern USB Drives

If you’d rather keep it a bit traditional, you can never go wrong with Jack O’ Lanterns on Halloween. Here are a few of the best Jack O’ Lantern Flash Drives that we’ve seen so far. From lit up décor to something you can sport on your key ring or as jewelry, you can’t go wrong with these pumpkin heads.

Human Skull USB Drives

Probably one of the scariest, and iconic images of the Halloween holiday is the human skull. A symbol for death, the human skull is a frightening, spooky, and absolutely fantastic idea for a Halloween USB! From Shiny USB Skulls to Skull USB hubs, these scary storage devices are just the thing you need to spice up your Halloween.

Glow-in-the-Dark Mimobot USB Skeletons

We’re going full mainstream with this one. Like most popular trends, Mimobots just blew up in popularity throughout the Internet. Although completely adorable in a way, these small Mimobot USB Skeletons look themed for the Mexican Day of the Dead. Complete with Glow-in-the-Dark capabilities, these great little Halloween USB drives are fun to collect, and occasionally use to store your various documents and files as well.


Jack Skellington USB Drive

The Nightmare before Christmas is one of those movies that was so memorable, it represents two completely separate holidays. And one of its moved beloved characters, Jack Skellington, is now available as a Halloween USB Drive! Made of durable plastic incasing, this beloved replica is waterproof as well as shockproof – a nice addon for a traditional USB Drive. This spooky guy will get you singing all of your favorite Halloween songs from the movie, as well as remind you of the true spirit of this fun, scary holiday.

Witch Hat Flash Drives

Second to the Jack O’ Lantern, The witch is another very iconic image that makes its way into almost any Halloween theme. These are simple, run of the mill flash drives modeled after the scary witch hats we all know and love. If you’re dressing as a witch this year for Halloween, why not complete your theme with one of these memorable Halloween USB drives?

Zombie Finger USB Drives

Much like the severed thumb flash drives, this fun Halloween USB Drive came from an unfortunate zombie instead. It’s painted very authentically to look exactly like a cut off finger, and its eerie greens and darker colors make it look as scary as can be. This particular Halloween USB was the most terrifying to me because it’s just plain creepy grabbing onto to a zombie finger every time you need to access your stored files. But for you hardcore Halloween fans out there, check this one out. You will not be disappointed.

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