Using flash drives to keep information secret from the NSA

Using flash drives to keep information secret from the NSA

One of the most serious things to come out of the whole Snowden revelations is not the fact that the world’s governments are snooping on their own citizens. Anyone who has not been living under a rock should have already known that. What’s really shocking is the fact that Snowden – a person the US authorities have branded a ‘high school dropout’ – was able to simply walk into work one day; copy some of the most sensitive (and most explosive) information to a humble flash drive; and then walk out at the end of the work day. Yes, it appears all Snowden had to use was a giveaway thumb drive to reveal one of NSA’s most secretive programs.

It’s actually quite surprising that duplication of such sensitive information didn’t even set off any alarms as inadvertent or intentional disclosure (of any types of surveillance programs) could seriously threaten national security (and in this case, hamper the credibility of NSA). Imagine for a moment if Snowden was not as well-intentioned but rather really was a Chinese spy as some suggested. What data could he have also obtained and copied to a flash drive? On the positive side, the fact that Snowden was able to do this has helped awakening people to the real facts of life. NSA is likely going to further tighten controls on USB storage media or perhaps to simply block it altogether on all PCs with sufficient access privilege to classified docs. Ajay Bhatt himself probably wouldn’t have thought that his invention would have made whistleblowers their job easier.



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