Why USB Drives Are Still Relevant

Why USB Drives Are Still Relevant

USB drives are portable, inexpensive data storage devices that have been around since the early 2000s. In recent years, technologies like cloud storage and smartphones have drastically changed the way we store and share information. But these new storage solutions haven’t taken away from how convenient and useful USB drives really are.

I like to think of it as having your own personalized computing environment with you wherever you go. Here we’ll discuss a couple of really cool features for USB drives and show you why they’re still very much a relevant storage medium.

USB Drives Can be Used as a Personal Emergency Kit

Let’s say you travel to a foreign country and lose your belongings. Worse still, let’s say you end up in the hospital. How are you, doctors, and police going to get a hold of all your necessary documents and paperwork?

You can scan copies of your insurance information, passports, credit cards, medical records, and emergency contact lists on a secure USB drive.

If the need arises, you’ll have this on you in another secure location like a key chain or lanyard, for quick and easy access. Some of these storage solutions also offer high level encryption as well, so you always know your personal data is safe.

USB Drives Can Carry Your Desktop Applications

Many of the popular software programs you use every day have portable versions that are designed to run directly from your USB drive. There’s no need to install anything on the host computer, so you can take your own personal desktop applications anywhere you go.

Portable Apps also save all of your work on your USB drive, so none of your personal files, documents and other data is left behind. You can keep portable versions of word processors, spreadsheets, internet browsers, even an integrated server package.

Another cool feature if you can store portable antivirus and data recovery software on your USB drive as well. That way you can use it to troubleshoot and repair system issues on any computer without having direct access to the hard drive.

Test an Operating System from a USB Drive

You can run an entire operating system from a USB drive without installing or otherwise modifying the host computer’s hard drive. So let’s say you’re on the road and need to run Windows for one of your portable apps but there are only Macs around. Well you can run any version of Windows right from your USB drive. If you’re curious about how Ubuntu, Linux Mint, or Mac OS X runs and navigates, then you can try it risk free on your USB. There’s no risk of losing you data, and best of all, it’s easy to do.

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